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Women in Business 2022

Opening the doors to diverse talent

Women in Business 2022: Opening the doors to diverse talent

In 2022, Grant Thornton’s Women in Business research has once again tracked the position of women in senior management across the world, and the progress towards gender parity in leadership.

Our 2021 Women in Business report identified a window of opportunity created by post-pandemic working practices that were enabling more women to move into senior roles. In 2022, as economies slowly recover and the worst impacts of the pandemic recede, that trend looks set to continue.

In this year’s data, we see mid-market businesses across the world taking decisive action to mould more flexible working practices around the needs of their people. They say that they are prioritising employee engagement and modelling open, inclusive working environments. By so doing, organisations are opening the door to bring female talent into senior positions in greater numbers than ever before.

The majority of the staff of Grant Thornton Bonaire is female, 70 % of the employees are female and many of them in senior roles. On International Women’s Day, the theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias. It asks us to imagine a world that’s free of stereotypes and discrimination, and where diversity and inclusivity is valued and celebrated. It is a goal we at Grant Thornton Bonaire are passionate about working towards every day of the year. 

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